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Deeply relaxing, a massage using essential oils chosen specifically to meet your emotional and physical needs can greatly improve your wellbeing and outlook. Bespoke blended, high quality essential oils to address your symptoms and help balance your emotions. Wonderful to alleviate stress and tension and induces a sense of deep relaxation

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A relaxing, gentle and non-invasive massage and manipulation of the abdomen, sacrum, back and hips. Stimulates circulation of blood, lymph and nerve flow within the abdominal area and pelvic bowl. Good for menstrual cycle pain and irregularity, ovarian cysts, prolapsed uterus or bladder, IBS., lower backache or pelvic pain.

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 Using warm organic jojoba oil you will receive flowing massage to relive tension and deeply relax and nurture you in this special time. You will be positioned comfortably and safely in the side position, supported by pillows. (Suitable from 12 weeks).


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My facials are grounded in Inlights philosophy of wholeness and unity. Local artisan production,  synthetic free and 100 per cent organic. I use their luxurious moisturising oils and balms to deeply nourish the skin in my collection of intuitive complete facial treatments.

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An ancient foot therapy that highlights imbalances in different parts of the body. Aromatic foot bath with Himalayan Sea salt and essential oils of lemongrass and grapefruit to uplift the senses and cleanse away impurities. Followed by time spent relaxing the foot and calf with additional flowing massage using Inlights Organic Foot balm and full reflexology session.


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Bespoke Holistic wellbeing treatments tailored specifically for the needs of women. Designed to release tensions, regain balance and find serenity. Holistic therapy treats the body as a "whole", which means that not only will a massage treatment pamper your physical body but it will also establish internal and external problems and provide an effective method of rebalancing. 

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