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Bespoke Inlight Organic Facials

Founded by Knowledge…Guided by Alchemy…Inspired by Nature…


My facials are grounded in Inlights philosophy of wholeness and unity. Developed to transform your skin, unlock your inner radiance, awaken your soul and return you to holistic harmony.


Local and artisanal production, synthetic free and 100 per cent organic. Inlight practise slow beauty where their precious ingredients are distilled for over a month to harness their unique properties and strength.


I use their luxurious moisturising oils and balms to deeply nourish the skin and help lock in water, keeping it hydrated for longer.



A deeply relaxing and revitalising facial for clean, smooth and nourished skin. The skin is cleansed then naturally exfoliated with Inlights stunning superfood mask (with hints of frankincense, spirulina and baobab) to encourage cellular activity and deeper penetration of the organic oils.


To encourage inner balance and harmony I use deeply relaxing facial massage movements and stimulate each of the facial marma points. Your skin will be left radiant and toned.

45 minutes, £50

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This cleansing and revitalising facial encourages harmony by introducing advanced facial massage techniques. The naturally uplifting facial movements will promote and restore luminosity improving the complexion by stimulating the circulation.


A second mask of Inlights nourishing balm is incorporated to intensively repair and hydrate skin.  An uplifting, intuitive facial massage and the use of Rose quartz and Jade wands will further stimulate lymphatic drainage and increase blood flow to the skin, encouraging it to feel younger and firmer.


The treatment is completed with a Thai inspired foot ritual to leave you grounded, awakened and centred.


75 minutes, £70

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A deeply relaxing and indulgent experience designed to leave you looking and feeling renewed on an emotional and physical level.


A truly indulgent experience commencing with an aromatic back massage to soothe your muscles, release tension and balance your thoughts.


This journey commences with Inlights luxurious Cleansing Balm to deeply cleanse, nourish and protect your skin, followed by Inlights stunning, exfoliating superfood mask (with hints of frankincense, spirulina and baobab) to encourage cellular activity and deeper penetration of the organic oils.


The pièce de résistance in facial therapy incorporating intuitive and naturally uplifting facial massage, marma point stimulation to balance and restore and crystal therapy with Rose Quartz and Jade wands. A deeply relaxing scalp massage completes this journey, leaving you deeply relaxed, transformed and renewed.

90 minutes, £80

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