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An ancient foot therapy. This deeply relaxing treatment is a powerful antidote to stress, both neutralising and preventing its effects. It is wonderfully effective in highlighting imbalances in different parts of the body and can relieve a variety of both physical and emotional symptoms.

Received on a regular basis, reflexology can be an effective treatment to boost internal systems of the body and maintain optimum health and harmony.


 You will start the journey with an uplifting and cleansing aromatic foot bath of essential oils of lemongrass and grapefruit and Himalayan sea salts. This is followed by time spent relaxing the foot and calf with additional flowing massage using Inlights Organic Foot Balm and a full reflexology session where I will work systematically over your feet to break down blockages and help cleanse the body by encouraging the release of toxins.


45 Minutes: £45, 60 minutes: £60

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