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Essential oils to boost morale and ease anxiety

My guide to essential oils and their wellbeing benefits with guidance on how you can use them at home…

In these changing and uncertain times, many of us have experienced feelings of lack of hope, weakness, indecision, lethargy and disempowerment. Certain essential oils can be very beneficial to fortify endurance, boost willpower and enhance vitality.

Cedarwood Thyme Juniper Eucalyptus Rosemary Cypress Clary Sage Grapefruit Ginger

Cedarwood oil is perhaps one of my favourites to turn to in times when strengthening and fortifying of will is needed. With its warm, woody and soothing aroma, it can help reinforce stamina and steady us in challenging times when powerful emotions can threaten to knock our morale and confidence.

Thyme oil is wonderfully empowering, helping to boost confidence and morale. Indeed, Roman soldiers bathed in thyme prior to battle. It is a powerful tonic, having the ability to invigorate us mentally and emotionally. Fortifying and uplifting it can help to dispel despondency and instil drive.

Juniper oil is perhaps lesser known for its abilities to break through defeatism and restore our determination to overcome obstacles. Helpful when we feel stagnated, withdrawn and disinterested, it can help cleanse of worry and install us with confidence and openness.

Eucalyptus oil is very opening, cleansing and expansive, wonderful when we feel hemmed in by what we perceive as restricting circumstances. Invigorating and inspiring us with its fresh, pungent aroma. Its opening action can ease melancholy and revive spirits, encouraging a more positive outlook and vitality.

Rosemary, wonderfully strengthening and energising. Its invigorating action can help us set attainable goals especially when we feel pulled down by external circumstance. Its reviving freshness can help boost confidence and morale when we doubt our ability in our own potential.

Cypress oil is one of the key oils I turn to in times of change and transition. With its fresh and clarifying aroma it can help us to accept fully changes that are unavoidable. It can help enhance our ability to transform and renew when we have felt disappointment.

Clary Sage both strengthening and relaxing, its herbaceous and pungent aroma can steady and reassure whilst at the same time uplifting the mind. With its revitalising and enlivening action I find it a useful oil to turn to when nervous anxiety and depression has resulted in changeable moods, lethargy and indecision and lack of motivation.

Grapefruit oil with its cleansing, clarifying and refreshing action can help lift us when we feel low and heavy. Refreshing and zesty it can lighten and revive our thoughts, helping us to move forward when feeling stuck in stagnation.

Finally Ginger, a wonderful oil to instil drive, willpower and determination with its fiery aroma. It is a good choice for apathy and indecision, helping us to take affirmative action in times of self doubt.

Revitalising Bath Blend.

Uplift and energise with this revitalising combination. • 5 drops grapefruit • 3 drops rosemary • 2 drops thyme

Essential oils to ease anxiety

In these changing and uncertain times many of us are experiencing higher levels of anxiety. This can often give rise to many physical symptoms ranging from tight muscles, digestive problems, migraines and insomnia. Aromatherapy is a wonderful tool to use in these chapters, and although massage with essential oils is perhaps one of the most effective ways to ease symptoms through a loving and caring touch, baths with essential oils and diffusing them in the home is a wonderful alternative.

There is a huge array of sedative oils to choose from such as benzoin, bergamot, cedarwood, chamomile, clary sage, cypress, frankincense, geranium, lavender, marjoram, neroli, orange, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, vetiver and ylang ylang.

Personal preference will influence which you choose, intuition guiding you to the most appropriate oils to soothe and heal you.

  • Benzoin: calming, relaxing, insomnia, depression.

  • Bergamot: sedative, for nervous tension, anxiety, insomnia, depression

  • Cedarwood: sedative, for anxiety

  • Chamomile: sedative, nervine, for nervous tension, anxiety, insomnia, depression

  • Clary Sage: sedative, nervine, for nervous tension, panic, depression

  • Cypress: for nervous tension

  • Frankincense: sedative, for anxiety

  • Geranium: nervine, for anxiety, depression

  • Lavender: sedative, nervine, for panic, insomnia, depression

  • Marjoram: sedative, nervine, for anxiety, insomnia

  • Neroli: sedative, for anxiety, panic, insomnia, self-esteem, depression

  • Orange: sedative, for nervous tension, insomnia, depression

  • Patchouli: nurturing, grounding, for depression

  • Rose: sedative, for nervous tension, self-esteem, depression

  • Sandalwood: sedative, for nervous tension, anxiety, insomnia, depression

  • Vetiver: sedative, nervine, for nervous tension, insomnia

  • Ylang Ylang: sedative, for anxiety, panic, depression

Bergamot with its delightful scent is deeply calming and has a regulating effect on the nervous system. It encourages the release of pent up feelings, helping us to open up and let go, easing anxiety.

Cedarwood is wonderfully strengthening and grounding, helping to steady our mind in times which are challenging.

Chamomile oil can ease nervous stress of any kind, inducing feelings of calm and acceptance. It can help us let go of fixed expectations, and become more at ease and accepting.

Clary Sage wonderful for calming the mind and easing tension. A good choice when nervous anxiety is characterised by changeable moods and indecision. It can help control cortisol levels in women. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone - high levels may increase your risk of anxiety and depression. It is strengthening, yet relaxing, reviving us when we feel fatigued mentally.

Cypress is a very good choice when we are faced by much change, helping us to cope with the most challenging of times. It can encourage a sense of stability and cohesion.

Frankincense, tranquillising, yet clarifying. It has a wonderful ability to deeply still and centre the mind. A good choice when we are feeling overwhelmed by mental agitation or worry.

Geranium is wonderfully balancing, relaxing the mind, calming agitation and easing frustration. Aiding feelings of strength and security, it is a good choice in chronic anxiety, when nervous exhaustion is caused by high levels of stress.

Lavender, an old favourite, with its ability to calm the mind and help restore balance. It can help to calm any strong emotions that threaten to overwhelm the mind.

Marjoram is wonderfully tonifying, a good choice when we feel mentally exhausted and lethargic which can result in both anxiety and insomnia.

Neroli is wonderfully reassuring, soothing and grounding with its delicate, floral scent. A wonderful regulator of the nervous system, easing chronic mental and emotional tension. I often suggest to clients in their aftercare to inhale a few drops of neroli when feelings of panic arise.

Orange with its warm, sunny scent immediately eases tension and frustration when their is a build up of stress. Good for moodiness and irritability.

Patchouli, earthy, warm and sweet, it is grounding and stabilising when worry and overthinking has taken over.

Rose is wonderful for nervous anxiety and insomnia, calming the mind and restoring wellbeing. Its nurturing qualities are wonderfully comforting and healing.

Sandalwood has cooling, calming and tonifying effects on the nervous system. Clarifying and stilling on the mind, it is a good choice when we agitation has led us to overthink and worry.

Vetiver, deeply nourishing and grounding. Relaxing an overactive mind, it can sedate and restore us.

Ylang Ylang, relaxing yet uplifting. It harmonises the mind and calms the nervous system, inducing feelings of peace and joy.

A night time bath blend to help ease insomnia

2 drops of lavender 2 drops of chamomile 2 drops of marjoram

A diffuser blend to calm and rebalance

2 drops of bergamot 2 drops of geranium 2 drops of frankincense

Should you have any questions or need any advice on the use of essential oils, please do Private Message me or email me at

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